Sunday, June 29, 2014

Geese - And Heron

I did finally catch the geese - with my camera.  Just before I took this picture they were all settled down and resting on the shore of the pond when a large heron flew over.  They immediately headed for the safety of the water.
Heron alert!!

Can you see the heron checking them out?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Old Buildings in the Woods

The yellow sign by the door proclaimed that I was not to enter.  I think the fact that there was a huge hole just inside the door may have had something to do with that.  Kirby said it was probably an old oil changing pit.  Makes sense.

Just down the road from our current home in Kentucky is the Veteran’s Memorial Wildlife Management Area.  We made a short visit there today.  It had been a long time since our dog Jake had even been in the truck and I wanted to take some pictures.  Kirby still isn’t up to much walking so we mostly explored by truck with Jake and I getting out for photo ops!

It seems that the whole area is mostly just for deer hunting.  That is what most of the signs led us to believe anyway.  Not only that, but there was young corn growing all over the place – deer corn I am sure.  The area was just typical wild but there were some old structures that I loved getting pictures of!  Here they are - 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

No Geese

I went out to get a picture of the geese but by the time I got there they were hidden in the reeds. (This is the view out our window when we don't have neighbors - like right now).  I have been able to watch the babies grow up and now can almost not tell which are the young ones.  I will keep trying to get a photo!  Pretty isn't it?

Frankfort, Kentucky

Between Kirby’s surgery and my dental work, we have spent quite a bit of time at home in our RV and not out and about too much.  We are still in Georgetown, Kentucky – just north of Lexington.

We went out for a bit yesterday but the day really didn’t go as I had planned.  We drove over to Frankfort which is about 30 minutes away on narrow country roads with views to die for and no places to stop and take pictures.  I had some plans to visit a park with an old Civil War fort but we couldn’t find it.  It didn’t come up in the GPS and I could hardly see the maps on my phone because I had forgotten my glasses.  So, we passed on that and it was too early for the pub I had chosen to be open.  It would have worked out fine if we could have found out how to get to the park but even driving around didn’t work because there was too much road construction.
The Farmer's Market in Frankfort.

We are in love with Beer Cheese.  We put it on celery instead of crackers and pretend it is healthy!

This is the garlic that we bought.  Fresh!!

What we did do was visit a nice farmer’s market.  The fun find was the fresh garlic that almost fooled us into thinking it was green onions!  And farm fresh eggs with bright golden yokes.  There was some nice country music going on also.
The Kentucky River as it flows through Frankfort, Kentucky.
We stopped to walk out on the bridge over the Kentucky River and that is when we spotted the sign for the candy factory.  Of course we had to check that out!  Yum!
It is Bourbon everything here in Kentucky!

Such a pretty candy store....we couldn't help but buy a couple of pieces.
Kentucky State Capitol Building, Frankfort, Kentucky.

We still have another week here so maybe we will have a few more adventures.  Stay tuned!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Guns and Cars

What would we do without our GPS?  How on earth did we ever find our way around before?  A couple of weeks ago I got so mad at ours that we retired her and got a new one.  This one is a Garmin and her voice is so awesome.  So far she has known about each place I wanted to go – unlike the last one who just kept failing me!  So, she has made it quite easy for us to venture into the city and find our way around on all the little country back roads.
Yesterday we went into Lexington to the Gun and Knife show at Lexington Center  in the Heritage Hall.  Of course our new GPS didn’t know where to tell us to park so we explored a bit more than we wanted to.  Kirby’s leg really wasn’t up to that much walking but he is a good sport and I didn’t have to carry him.

It was my first Gun Show and Kirby paid $10 each for us to be able to look at all those guns and knives.  I really did like the knives the best.  I had quite a few guns when I was young and don’t give a hoot about them now.  I didn’t take many photos and only used my pocket camera.  Last thing I needed was someone getting all bent out of shape because I was taking pictures!  Not being Kentucky residents we couldn’t buy any guns but it was fun to see what all the fuss is about.  I do believe in our right to own and bear arms.  I just don’t need to do it myself.  It certainly looks like a money maker!
Today we visited the huge Toyota plant that is located here in Georgetown, Kentucky on about 1,300 acres.  I was duly impressed.  Of course I had never seen cars built before but wow, do they know a thing or two about Process!  It was an incredible tour but I was not allowed to bring my camera.  Not even cell phones were allowed on the 45 minute tram ride all around the factory.  It was totally free and I sure would recommend it if you are ever in this area.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wine Tasting in Kentucky

After all that Apple Cobbler in Midway, we decided to do some Kentucky wine sampling.  There was a winery just down the road a few miles so we headed out to do some sipping.  Now Kirby has maintained that any wine east of California is not worth bothering with and I always say, “Let’s just see…”  Well, he is still correct but we do have fun checking it out!
I love this picture - and this man!
The young couple sitting on the patio with us kept commenting on how much they liked the wine and we couldn’t drink it!  Different palates I guess.  But the setting was beautiful, it was two for one on the tastings (because of Father’s Day), the sun was warm and we were happy in Kentucky! 

Midway, Kentucky

Kirby is moving around well enough for us to have a nice outing yesterday.  When I was at the dentist last week, they told me about a cute town that we “just had to visit!”.  So we did!
 Midway, Kentucky was about a 20 minute drive for us from our “home” in Georgetown.  OK, maybe closer to 30 minutes, but still very close and the drive was so pretty.  We are such darned morning people that we took our time getting ready to go, had a light breakfast, did our internet, walked the dog etc. and still we were there before most of the town was open for the day.

It was a bright and sunny day and since we were early the streets weren’t crowded.  It really is just a block of tourist-y stuff with a railroad running through the middle but we really enjoyed walking around and checking out the cute little shops.
And then we saw the sign – Apple Cobbler.  We both knew without saying a word to each other that we were not leaving Midway until we had some of that cobbler!

I took so many pretty pictures that I am going to bore you with them, but here are a few more!

The red sun umbrella made everything look pink!