Sunday, July 19, 2015

July Update

We have been in many remote locations this summer with no phone and no internet.  I have gone through some withdrawal from easy communications but for the most part, it has been OK.  Once or twice a week we go somewhere with cell service, I make a few quick phone calls, post a couple of pictures on Facebook and head back to the camp.  We love the places we have stayed much more than travel from one RV Park to the next.  But we mostly dry camp and that has been an adjustment too.  We go to RV parks to use internet, take long showers and do laundry.  Oh, and to fill the tank with water.  We quickly learned that information on a website that indicates there is drinking water available does not mean you can fill your tank.  It means there is water available for a bucket.  Ah, the lessons we learn the hard way.

We began our trip visiting friends in Sedona, AZ.
Next was Lake Powell where we visited Lower Antelope Canyon.  Incredible is all I can say about it.
Utah is one of our favorite places and we traveled a bit of a different route this time.  We spent quite a bit of time in Dixie National Forest and camped at Duck Creek Campground.  What an incredibly beautiful campground this is.  We loved it there!
This was our second time to stop at Yuba Lake State Park.  We always manage to get the spot with the view and the sunsets there can be incredible!
We returned to Jordanelle State Park near Park City for the third time.  We are never crazy about this place and not too sure why we go back.  Maybe it is simply that it is easy and right on our route north.  We did enjoy the back road drive from Heber City to Park City immensely and would do that again in a heartbeat.
At Bear Lake State Park in Utah we had the honor of watching a family of Bald Eagles grow and on our last day there one of them took flight for the first time - right before our eyes.  It was an incredible experience!
In Jackson Hole, Wyoming we were treated to a river trip with our nephew and his family.  This year we did the scenic trip and it was gorgeous and relaxing!!
Henry's Lake State Park in Northern Idaho is another place we often stop along our way that we have decided not to go to anymore.  Not sure why we liked it so much other than the great hiking and the views because the place has too much wind, always rains and the mosquitoes are legion!

Then it was on to Montana where our first stop was Moose Creek Flat Campground right on the Gallatin River.
But our favorite place so far has to be Swan Creek Campground just a half mile up the canyon from Moose Creek Flat.  We want to go back but it is pretty much booked for the next few weeks.  I think it is the hiking and the creek that won our hearts here.
Today we are at an RV park preparing to go to another dry camp with no communications!  I am using the internet here - hopefully before everyone wakes up and the services gets too slow for uploading!  That pretty much wraps up the past couple of months.

Thanks for stopping by!