Thursday, January 31, 2013


When we first moved to Charleston from our sailboat we had an old van filled with our only belongings.  I went shopping for a job and the day after I signed an offer letter we went out and purchased this commuter car.  I didn't really like it.  The glove box wouldn't stay closed, the windows sometimes didn't work and you never knew if you would be able to get the key out of the ignition!  But it always ran like a champ.  I didn't really think I would ever bond with it like I have some of my cars.  I actually never even named it.

But today when I walked away with cash in my pocket and no keys, I felt like crying.  Go figure - it is a stupid car!  And it is gone now!  We are that much closer to being free of belongings and on the road to our adventure!

I will get a rental car to use until we leave - then I will HAVE to learn to drive that great big truck!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today I got home early enough to enjoy the warm weather we are having.  I have a new bike and am really enjoying it! Kirby has had a good bike for a couple of years but I couldn't see getting one for me until now.  I knew I wouldn't ride it in the neighborhood.  But here in the RV park - perfect!  I think we will really enjoy riding in our new life.  And there is nothing better for the expanding waistline that I have!

Kirby will need to find a bike rack that works for us.  Any suggestions.....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Slide Awning Install

Yesterday we had new awnings installed on all four of our slides.  Our new model didn't come with them and as the days and the weeks passed we realized the value in having them - especially when you are parked in a campground with loads of trees that are losing their leaves!  The top of the slides were filling up with dead brown leaves and making a mess.  And they were not protected from rain either.  So, we hired a couple of local guys (Coastal RV Center) who do a lot of work on other rigs here at Oak Plantation. Julian and Jesse were awesome.  Kirby watched them and said they "did it just the way I would have!".

Friday, January 25, 2013

First Houseguests

We had friends visit last week and stay in our RV with us.  Rick and Tanya came from Nova Scotia for six days.  Now, you have to wonder, how can 4 adults and a large dog live happily and comfortable in a 38 foot RV?  It was fantastic!  We had plenty of room and loads of fun!

Making the bed up the first time was a challenge.  The directions were worthless and we couldn't really remember the demo we got upon delivery.  But after a couple glasses of wine anything is possible.  The bed is an air mattress inside the sofa.  It is put together somewhat differently than a traditional sofa bed.  When you open it there is an air compressor to pump it blowing at all!  There was still room around the sides to move and get in and out.  And there's straps to keep it from sliding off during the night.  Can't you just see that - as you toss around during the night all of a sudden the whole mattress dumps you on the floor?  Good thing there are straps.  So, anyway each night we made it up and each morning we took it down.

My galley is a 'one butt galley' and we did eat each breakfast and all but one dinner at home.  I planned very simple meals so we would have lots of time to play.  No dishwasher but since everyone was right there in the same room with me, I really didn't mind doing dishes....I wasn't off in another room while everyone else had fun.  And Tanya dried each time....thanks, Tanya!

So, we have found that there is plenty of space for anything we might need to do.  Having friends stay with us is FUN!  Like camping!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best Friend for a Moment

I had thought that since the boating world is so friendly that the camping world would be the same.  Maybe it is because it is winter and most folks (including us) don't go out but we just haven't met or talked to very many people.  Some of them won't even speak when we are walking Jake.  And it gets dark early.  So I am hopeful for the future.  I love meeting new people from all over the country.

It was still a very nice afternoon when I got home from work yesterday so we were sitting outside in the brown grass and dirt facing the swings and the dog run.  (yes, they have a dog run here - pretty cool, huh?)  A woman with four - yes FOUR little bitty dogs came walking by and those dogs really grabbed Jake's attention!  And mine.

They were so cute, I just had to go talk to her about them.  Let's see, there was a regular chihuahua, a long haired chihuahua, a jack russell-chihuahua mix and a yorkie-maltese mix.  They were all so, so cute!  But yap, yap, yap!  They were from Michigan and here on a two week vacation.  I would leave Michigan this time of year too!

So, for a few minutes I had a new best friend.  It was fun!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Child in Me!

Right behind our RV is a small children's area.  We love seeing and hearing the children out doing what we believe they should be doing - being outdoors getting exercise.  I needed to feel like a child - but darn - the seat started squeezing my hips and it hurt!  Not made for butts the size of mine I guess!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day by Day

We are mentally ready to go but I still have until the end of February to work.  We are just enjoying living in our sweet new home.  Here is a picture of Kirby, Jake and Myrt - Myrt is our 5th Wheel, Jake is our dog.  It was a sunny day so we were chasing the late sun to stay warm.  We have certainly adjusted to the small space but I really don't know what it will be like when I need to secure everything for travel.  It is funny, somehow securing things on a boat just became such second nature to me that I never thought about it.  I knew what I had to do.  But a trailer is not like a boat.  A boat is much more gentle a movement.  I think everything in Myrt will be moving and shaking and rattling around - especially with speed bumps like we have here at Oak Plantation! LOTS of them!  I am going to need to do some serious securing soon!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sunrise for a New Year

This was our sunrise this morning at Oak Plantation.  The first day of 2013 - the year that I retire and the year that we will begin our adventure.  I hope our travels are as colorful as this sunrise.

I plan to retire on February 22 - or sooner if I can! (Kirby is already retired and has been acting as Mr. Mom for 5 years now)  Until then we will continue to reside at this RV park which is in the greater Charleston, SC area.  Our home is sold (we closed escrow just last Friday), our STUFF is gone and all we have is what is in our new home - and Avalanche 330 (which is 38 feet long....model numbers seem to mean nothing!)  I am loving this simple life which is very similar to the lifestyle we had when we lived on our sailboat and cruised around the Atlantic and the Pacific.