Sunday, October 20, 2013

Evening View

You will probably get really tired of my pictures this winter.  But - I am so in love with the desert sun that we have here and the views of the mountains and especially the shadows on the mountains as the sun sets.  Tonight I walked over to the desert for a picture because otherwise there are houses in the way - which isn't always a bad thing as the houses around here are really pretty.  Try clicking on this picture to enlarge it in order to really appreciate the shadows.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Well, I sure have been negligent about my blog haven’t I?  Can I use the excuse of having so much fun that I haven’t had time?

We are now getting settled into our winter home.  We are in Yuma, AZ on a lovely lot that faces the morning sun coming over the mountains.  We are really enjoying the dry, warm fall weather.  When we get settled I will take a picture so you can see where we plan to spend the next few months.

Before getting here we had a reunion with some of our really good friends from back when we all had sailboats and were in Mexico.  Ray and Lucy you have met here on my pages before as we have been touring with them a lot in the past weeks.  Jim and Heather drove their little Scamp over from Ventura, CA.  You met them when we were in Gorman, California last Memorial Day weekend.  And we were surprised, again, by the unexpected appearance of Susan and Alan.  They did the same thing in Gorman so I should have expected them to join in but I was unprepared and totally overwhelmed when I looked up and there they were in Bullhead City with the rest of us!
Ray got out his tripod and actually got us all to pose for a picture. From left to right - Me, Kirby, Heather, Jim, Lucy and Ray.
On the last day the weather improved and we were able to sit outside at the clubhouse for our games. Left to right - Lucy, Jim, Heather, Ray and Kirby.
Lexie loved swimming in the Colorado River but Jake just wouldn't get any more wet than this!
This is the view across the Colorado River to Laughlin, NV where there are CASINOS!!
The 4 day weekend with our friends was just totally awesome!  The only bad thing was the weather.  We planned on good weather and being outdoors the whole time.  It did not work – the wind blew about 40 mph for 3 of our 4 days.  But that did not stop us from carrying on and having lots of fun!  We played a lot of Mexican Train and some Uno and also Apples to Apples.  Heather brought some fun props and decorations; and we also made a trip to Goodwill where we picked up some more fun things – hats!  So sad to see the festivities come to an end but we all were exhausted from all the fun!
 So, stay tuned for our winter activities.  We are not ones to just sit around!