Saturday, September 13, 2014

Idaho and Utah

I have been either having too much fun or traveling so my blog has been neglected.  Sorry, but I am here now.  We don't usually travel very far at a time and this month has been no different than usual.  We left Henry's Lake and only traveled about 100 miles to Idaho Falls.  Kirby found us a sweet little local RV Park - North Bingham County Park.  Somehow I managed to lose the few pictures I took there but it was a sweet little park that we enjoyed for a couple of days while we did some shopping.

Then we moved on about 70 miles down the road to a small town called American Falls and Willow Bay Recreation Area.  (I never did see the falls)  This was one of our most favorite parks yet as we had a huge yard and great biking/walking on a paved trail into town.  We also got to visit with Kirby's nephew and his family while we were there.
American Falls was also where our dog Jake got his first and hopefully his last Bee Sting!  He was not a happy camper at all.  He and I had to wait on the side of the road while Kirby walked back to the campground and got the truck to come pick us up.

You can see our camper there in the middle of the picture.  We had nothing but grass behind us and then the lake.  It was incredible!  It was only 30 amp but we managed.

When we moved on to Jordanelle State Park near Park City, Idaho we had to go a bit over 200 miles - LONG day for us!  We had been to Jordanelle last year and knew that we liked it.  The first day and a half it did nothing but rain but then the sun came out and we had a fire in the firepit and we partied!
And we had this view the next morning.  Pretty nice wouldn't you say?

We made two stops going from Park City to Boulder City, Nevada where we are now.  I am not sure how many more posts, if any, I will be making in the near future.  I am flying out to South Carolina for 3 weeks and Kirby will be continuing on to Yuma and wait for me there!  Then our season will be over.  It has flown by and been incredible!