Monday, August 15, 2016

On the Road to Winnemucca

There is something about the word, Winnemucca that is fun to say.  I like the word.  Try it out loud.  Winnemucca.  Wasn't that fun for your lips and tongue?  So, here we are in Winnemucca and it is still hot.  Winnemucca is in the northern part of Nevada and fairly high so I was expecting it to be a bit cooler.  The cashier at the local grocery store said that it has been unseasonably hot this year.  Lucky us!

We did about 300 miles today which is a big day for us.  We prefer about 250.  We go slow too so it takes a while.  Regardless, we are always set up before cocktail hour which will be here before I know it.

The interesting thing about Nevada is that it is so lonely.  There are so few people and so few towns.  We were going to take a more remote route but decided that taking 95 was remote enough.  I had very sketchy cell service the whole time as it was.

We had no incidents and just rolled along.  We did make a few roadside stops for our dog, Jake, as he was acting a bit strange but he seems to be fine now.

This is such an exciting blog, isn't it?  So, I will just give you some of my through the windshield pictures to entertain you.
This was my favorite of the whole day and it really wasn't through the windshield but at one of our Jake Stops.  It reminds me of those nightmares I get when I need to wake up to find a bathroom but instead I dream that I can't find a private one.  The search continues!

Everything is old, worn out and abandoned.  It is such a sad thing.  I think it was all there for mining and the mining is gone.

These are very lonely roads.  I can't even imagine how it would feel at night to be out there alone.  No thank you! 

Have a good day!

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