Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bend Brewfest

Bend Brewfest!  The reason we are here!

We traveled from southern Arizona for this event and we were not disappointed!  It was an incredible day for all of us - even the non beer drinkers in the group.  It is a three day event and we went on the second day. 

There were four of us in our little group.  Lou was Kirby's best man at our wedding 17 years ago....they go way back.  So, we called a taxi so we wouldn't have to worry about finding our way there, parking or not having a designated driver to get back home.  It worked out so, so well and was only $15 each way with tip.

It was a bright and sunny day and not too crowded  -  that is because we were there shortly after the gates opened.  We purchased a plastic beer mug and some tokens.  Each 4 oz taste of brew was one token.  There were 170 different beer taps.  Yes, you read that correct - 170!  How to choose?  Well, we love IPA which is big and bold so that was all we tasted.
Here we are standing in front of what turned out to be our favorite brew.  10 Barrel Category 57 Double IPA.  It was the winner as far as Kirby and I were concerned!

There were 3 tents of brews and we made our rounds selecting an IPA here and an IPA there.  We were in heaven.  Kirby is having some knee problems going on and Lou found what appeared to be a good way to wheel him around but security came and took it away.
You can tell that we are having a good time in this picture.  It still wasn't crowded and we could just walk up and get another 4 oz drink whenever we wanted.  I will confess that we did throw some out.  Not all IPA is created equal.  (IPA stands for India Pale Ale)

All of the people serving the beer were volunteers.  I thought that this young lady was so cute with her garland of fresh hops on her head.  Everyone was so friendly and even those that were working were having fun!

And with all that beer, you must be wondering what kind of facilities they have.  Well, just check this out!  And this picture does not show all the toilets!
After a while we were ready to sit in the shade a bit so I went in search of four chairs and a table with people who would not mind sharing with us.  Did we ever hit the jackpot! We got Bob, Harold and Ben.  They were locals and full of good information on the area.  I think we partied with them for at least and hour and a half - maybe more.
Ben was off getting another brew and Vivian took the picture for me.
I am so glad that we made the plans to attend this brewfest!  It was an incredible experience and something that we don't usually do.  We pretty much like to stay away from crowds but this was certainly worth it.  Good friends, good brews and a wonderful husband.  What could be better??

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad to see you are still out there enjoying yourselves.
Just catching up on my reading after spending the last couple of weeks moving from our Avalanche.
Hope Jake gets his exercise in real soon.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.