Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 2015 Update

What an incredible month we have had!  We have explored quite a bit of territory in the Anaconda - Georgetown Lake area of Montana and loved every moment of it!  Not only is that area just gorgeous, it is alive with history.  We had so much fun finding old mines, mining cabins and communities.  I have way too many photos but here are some I just have to share!
This was our favorite mining cabin that we found.  It is located on private property and the owners have taken the time through the years to keep it maintained.
Even the outhouse was in good shape for the age of it.
This was some sort of water source.  You could hear the underground stream as it flowed by.

At the end of one of our hikes we just happened upon the old mining community of Southern Cross.
This is a water cauldron of some sort.  It was located right near a mine dig.  Maybe one of my readers will know how it was used.
This was my favorite of all because we just followed animal trails to find it.  It was no where near any ATV trails or Forest Service Roads.  It was just there, hidden in the woods.

If you look closely you can see the long support beam for the roof.  It was a good sized cabin so I imagined a family living there.

The outhouse was still standing.
This old well and the wash tub were nearby the broken down cabin.

This old mining operation was not too far away from the old cabin.

This was a real find!  Grouse eggs!  They were old and rather discolored so I think they had been there a long, long time.
Jake, our dog, found these old bones from a large animal.  Probably moose or elk.
Jake found that the ice cold water felt really good on his feet. 
It was getting quite cold up there in beautiful Montana so we have come south a bit and also reduced the elevation.  We are in a county campground in Swan Valley, Idaho and warming up.  We have about a month before we need to be back in Yuma so there is still plenty of time to play and explore.


Pam Reeves said...

How cool are those finds Suzie! And how fun! Phil and I look forward to his retirement when we can explore the country too!

Donna Staas said...

These are wonderful shots! Wonder how old the eggs were...

Donna Staas said...
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